Office Refurbishment will Optimise your Workspace

For business owners, it can often be difficult to envisage tangible benefits from an office refurbishment, at least in terms of contributing to the company’s bottom line. But statistics show that the work environment has a major bearing on the morale, productivity


and well-being of a company’s workforce. If you’re having trouble retaining and getting the best out of your staff, it may be time to consider a full office refurbishment. Creative Space Services is an Irish company that specialises in maintaining and refurbishing office spaces. It’s our driving motivation to create truly great workplaces,and all of our projects are informed by the latest trends in office refurbishment. In this article we explore what factors to bear in mind when looking for an office refurbishment.

Think about why your office needs an overhaul

There are any number of reasons why an office refurbishment may need to be considered


and these should remain at the forefront of your mind as you’re embarking upon a new project:

  • Are you re-locating the business to a new premises? In that case be sure to map out the new premises in detail and to familiarise yourself with the space in order to consider its potential.
  • Are you refurbishing the old premises? It may be that the old premises is starting to feel antiquated
  • and is in need of an update (the whole beige and grey colour scheme favoured in the 90s has fallen out of favour somewhat). There may also be a lack of communal areas for your staff to take a break in? An office refurbishment is a major undertaking, so be sure to balance the costs against the potential benefits.
  • Are you downsizing? Though it seems we’re on the road to recovery, the economic climate still sadly results in downsizing in many companies. Empty seats and vacated desks can be demoralising for remaining staff,and in order to overcome this, the empty space should be put to good use. Collaborative work areas, new canteens etc. would be a great way to lift spirits in straitened times and if you’re working to re-vitalise one space, it doesn’t necessarily need a large spend. Also remember refurbishment projects can be rolled out over time, space by space, in line with any cashflow constraints.
  • Are you planning on future-proofing the office? If you need a complete office refurbishment, it can require a significant spend. In this case it’s essential that you get it right the first time. It’s a safe bet to move as much of your office infrastructure to the cloud as possible, as this will mean you can migrate to new hardware whenever it benefits the business. This also has the added benefit of giving your employees the option to work from home, which has been shown to consistently improve productivity.

How will the office refurbishment represent the company?

Appearances matter,and a drab and outdated office tells your clients and prospects that your company is itself drab and outdated. Look at your office as a blank canvas onto which you can project your company’s image. Look at your surroundings now and ask yourself: how does it speak to the quality and consistency of the company’s brand identity? The same goes for the technology being used in the office. Look into getting the latest conferencing software to streamline your presentations, and incorporate interactive visual solutions such as Smart Boards or touch-sensitive conferencing monitors to add flair to meetings and presentations.

Creative Space Services: specialists in office refurbishment

As our name would suggest, at Creative Space Services specialises in incorporating innovative design solutions into office environment. We’ve done outstanding work for a number of blue-chip companies here in Ireland,and you can be sure that any job we take on would be completed to the highest standards. If you’re in the market for a full-scale office refurbishment, get in touch with us today for adviceand a competitive quote.

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