Office fit out and the conventional white board – what are the alternatives?

Conventional white boards have been hugely popular for office fit out projects in the past and they have their place in the work environment but when we consider collaboration and learning tools now we look at a whole range of options in addition to standard white boards. Some of these are high tech and some surprisingly low-tech – you’ll see what we mean as you read through these ideas. Luckily, these days there are plenty of clever solutions for presenting information in graphic form that can be adapted to any type of office. In this article we’re going to highlight some of the best options on the market right now, as well as what type of office environment each of them would suit.

Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are touch-sensitive surfaces with a computer desktop projected on to them. Elements on screen can manipulated by hand,and the interface is quite similar to a tablet computer or smartphone. They’re particularly handy for presenting complex computer-generated graphics, meaning they’re widely used by architects, product designers and engineers. However, they’re becoming ubiquitous in all sectors of the business world. The reason for their widespread adoption is the sheer level of functionality at the finger-tips of the user.

  • They allow for live demonstrations of software applications.
  • They’re fantastic for Powerpoint presentations.
  • You can easily incorporate video and audio into your presentations, as well as pull up content from your web browser.
  • You can print out anything, cutting out the need to take minutes at meetings.
  • You can quickly add annotations and highlight text.

Within this market, “Smart Board” is to interactive white boards what Hoover is to vacuum clears. Known for their quality and robust feature-set, they’re easily the most popular brand. Check out this video demonstration to get an idea of how tactile and intuitive they are to work with.

Dry-erase clear paint

With this stuff you can turn your entire office into a blank canvas. It’s easy to apply and it creates a robust and cleanable surface that’s highly resistant to scratches and marks. As the name suggests it’s completely transparent, meaning that you won’t have to cover over any existing finishes. This solution particularly suits premises with limited floor space,and even the smallest meeting room can be converted into an excellent space for group collaboration. It’s also water-based and even the smallest meeting room can be converted into an excellent space for group collaboration. It’s also water-based and boasts a VOC of only 50 g/L, meaning it’s in line with all existing green building legislation.

Glass boards – popular office fit out option

Dry-erase glass boards are an increasingly popular option and they are stylish and easy to incorporate into a sleek corporate decor than a grubby old whiteboard. They can also easily be cut to measure, meaning they can be installed on surfaces of numerous sizes and dimensions. Used by everyone from Google to Disney, a dry-erase glassboard is the perfect way to make a visual statement in your office fit out. As an added bonus they’re also easy to clean – we’ve all seen the results of people using permanent marker on a whiteboard,and the last thing you want is to be giving a presentation with someone else’s writing on the board!

Creative Space Services and office fit out solutions

Whichever of the above options you opt for when planning out your office fit out, you can be sure that they will make a visual statement on behalf of your business. At Creative Space Services we know all about adding flair to an office environment. Why not call our experts today,and find out what we could do to add impact to your office.

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