The Best Property Maintenance Dublin Has To Offer

The Best Property Maintenance Dublin Has To Offer

Property Maintenance

A company is only as good as the workplace it provides to its employees. It’s a recognised phenomena that when the work environment deteriorates, staff morale can be eroded, motivation drops, productivity lags and customer engagement can be impacted.On the other hand, a well-maintained office interior can be an excellent investment for any business – whether it’s a fledgling company or a large, established corporate organisation. An effective, ongoing maintenance programme can reduce overall costs significantly as it extends the life of the facility. Creative Space Services is a CIRI accredited Irish company that specialises in property maintenance. We pride ourselves on our expertise and attention to detail, as well as our ability to provide the best property maintenance Dublin has to offer. In this article we explore the three stages of our process for building maintenance.

Assessment of the property

The first thing we need to do when establishing the property maintenance requirements is to conduct a thorough assessment of the site. During this preliminary process, we map out the facilities, audit the requirements and review available maintenance data. This work can be done in the background so that in the context of a live office environment, minimal disruption is made to existing business operations. While the visible aspects of the building can be easy to assess, the electrical and mechanical services need careful analysis and CSS has a team of qualified engineers who bring their technical expertise to bear in devising optimal solutions to maintain these services in a cost-effective manner over the long-term.

When we successfully implemented a project for Paddy Power recently, for example, it required a doubling of the power capacity – which was critical to future-proofing the business; given the nature of the company, its heavy use of technologies and the internet and the growth prospects of that business. All of these considerations need to be taken into account at the outset, during the initial assessment.

Costing up the project

Cost is dependent on both the composition of the business facilities, as well as the specific requests of the client. Above all we fully understand how important price transparency is for both parties when working on a project. We discuss and present comprehensive solutions and we cover all aspects of the maintenance package in one proposal so that clients have full visibility on costs at the outset and we outline essential work and recommended work before the contract is finalised. This gives our customers complete peace-of-mind in relation to the cashflow impacts of the work we do.

We also offer a comprehensive range of services in relation to office building maintenance, which extends to include services such as contract cleaning; making it easier, more efficient and more cost-effective for our customers to deal with one supplier, who takes full responsibility for all maintenance issues.

Scheduling effectively

At CSS we understand the necessity to manage maintenance work on a timely basis – all our schedules are developed in line with guidelines from industry bodies BISRA and CIBSE. We also follow the recommendations issued by relevant manufacturers and we are thoroughly familiar with a wide range of mechanical and electrical equipment. And of course we recognise that schedules need to be implemented in a way that causes minimal disruption to the day-to-day operations of the business.

Creative Space Services; the best property maintenance Dublin has to offer

CSS has a proven track record delivering on property maintenance Dublin wide. Why not get in touch with our team today and learn about the active and passive aspects of an effective maintenance programme?

We look forward to your call.

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