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Why CIRI Accreditation Matters

Recently we were able to confirm that Creative Space Services is now fully accredited under the CIRI register. While CIRI registration is not obligatory at present, it represents best practice and this reflects our own values and the importance we place on quality work. This ethos is particularly relevant for our clients when it comes to doing office fit out work, where the environment can have a significant impact on productivity.

What is CIRI?

The purpose of CIRI is simple; to give both consumers and people in the construction trade a reliable listing of reputable industry suppliers.

The acronym stands for Construction Industry Register Ireland; a listing of approved providers, developed as a reference for those who want to engage only fully competent, experienced and professional construction suppliers.

CIRI sets out acceptable standards for suppliers and it’s the only register of construction businesses in Ireland that are fully vetted by Government nominees and industry professionals. It addresses core areas of competence such as compliance with building and health and safety regulations, a code of ethics and revenue compliance. Only suppliers that pass this independent assessment process are registered.

Effective Management of Office Fit Out Projects

As we all know in the trade, office fit out projects can involve considerable spend and even smaller jobs can run through cash at a rapid pace if the supplier is in-experienced or poorly managed. One of the key elements that contributes to the successful delivery on any project is the use of proven, reliable suppliers who can deliver on time and in budget. Here at CSS we are in the business of being creative with space but we know well that it’s just as important to offer customers a safe pair of hands.

We chose to go for CIRI accreditation as we want prospective customers to have the re-assurance of knowing that we are quality trade suppliers. This is what CIRI certification offers; peace of mind which in turn translates into best value for money.

We provide a full office fit out service for clients. Whether your facility comprises 2,000 sq ft or 80,000 sq ft, we have the expertise and the experience to bring your project from initial design concept stage, right through to full and final construction and handover. Throughout the delivery of each project we understand the importance of clear communications and need to be availabile to discuss progress. We also offer an aftercare service which can range from general maintenance through to full facilities management services.

But you know what? You don’t just have to take our word for it; as a fully accredited CIRI approved construction business, we have a proven track record when it comes to project experience, competence, and reliability.

Furthermore, because we are on the CIRI register, we have committed to the correct health and safety standards, recognised our obligations to the latest building standards and regulations, have undertaken to abide by the register’s code of ethics and commitments, and are fully tax compliant.

CSS now has CIRI accreditation

Choose Creative Spaces services

What all of this means in practice is that you can be absolutely certain that when you choose Creative Space Services for any office fit out project, you can be guaranteed to get exactly what you pay for in terms of quality, service, reliability and budget.

Contact us and learn more…

Please check out some of the projects that we have completed to date to see for yourself our full range of services in terms of office fit out work.

If you have any questions or queries or need any assistance, please contact us here right away and we will be delighted to talk with you.

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