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Incredible savings at Zurich Ballsbridge Facility

Attached screenshot showing incredible savings on the Zurich Insurance building in Ballsbridge. As part of the fit out works undertaken by Creative Space Services during the recent office refurbishment project Zurich invested in a state of the are LED lighting system by Redwood and were able to avail of a SEAI grant to fund the process.

Redwood Image

The Savings….

All the lighting that has been changed over to the Redwood system at is now running at total load of 8.3kW. When daylight harvesting kicks in from 11.30am-15.30pm we have the lighting load is down to 5.8kW. we are now achieving close to 90% savings on the lighting load excluding the daylight harvesting. When you include daylight harvesting it’s well over 90%+ savings. The System and the savings have been independently certified.

The Staff have had there say in the process being able to select the lighting level they are happy with and the system installed boasts a number of additional tag on features such as integration with the Meeting room booking system which notifies staff or room availability based on occupancy sensors and emailing staff to free up a room they have booked if its not being used.

A Great result for the client and the lighting look well

The Client Says :

“ The performance of the Redwood Lighting system in our Head Office in Ballsbridge Dublin has been nothing short of outstanding. The Daylight Harvesting capability has been a real energy saver and delivered far beyond what we had estimated. We have had zero maintenance on light fittings as a result of our upgrades. With no bulbs to be changed, we have now no expenditure on fluorescent tubes. This has also freed up a huge amount of resource time for our FM team to apply to other issues. The System promises a lot and delivers more!”

Greg McDonnell FMP


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