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Accredited CIRI Contractors

As well as providing our design and project management services Creative Space Services are accredited as main contractors and fit out specialists under the CIRI register

The background….

Under the updated building regulations, works must be carried out by a ‘competent’ contractor.

The CIRI is the Construction Industry Register Ireland. The CIRI is the only register of competent construction companies and the process is vetted by Government nominees and industry professionals and this registry will soon to be mandatory within the industry

To be included on the register as CIRI competent construction companies must comply with the building regulations and an industry code of ethics, they must prove their tax compliance and they must meet the health and safety regulations relating to the construction industry.  Prior to the establishment of CIRI there was no way to distinguish construction companies, sole traders and builders who meet these standards from those who don’t.

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Just one more reason to consider Creative Space Services

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